Central Kansas Area Info

Central Kansas Area Info

Fresh Track Outfitting is located in a small town near the heart of Kansas. Stafford is about 80 miles west/northwest of Wichita, KS. The cozy lodge site is located 10 miles north of Stafford. The beautiful land that surrounds the area is split between crop land and pastures. Along with good genetics, the agricultural crops in this part of Kansas provide the perfect feeding ground for both deer and turkey. Consequently, take is usually a larger animal than normal. The spacious acerage that is not being used for crops is mostly luscious pastures or prairie grass land that is in the CRP program.

Hunting Seasons

Kansas Whitetail Deer bow season starts the 1st of October; however, Fresh Track outfitters and guides begin our hunts in November which is the start of the pre-rut for the deer. Weather can be a factor in the success of the hunt. Weather is very unpredictable in Kansas. During the months of November and December temperatures can be anywhere from 80 degrees to 15 degrees below wind chill factor. It would not be surprising to have a 40-50 degree temperature fluctuation in a 24 hour time period. One thing you can probably count on is the wind is going to blow a couple of days out of the week when you are here. Pack for a wide range of temperature changes.

The peak of the rut is typically the middle of November but can vary a couple of weeks either way.

Post-rut usually starts about 10 days after Thanksgiving, with temperatures approaching the low-30's. There is usually a snow fall by this time and there could be a couple of ice storms to.

One thing to remember though is the timing of rut depends on the weather and environment with warmer weather causing it to start later then on colder years.


Kansas Turkey season starts the 2 nd weekend of April and goes through the end of May. April has and average temperature in the mid-40's. This is the time of year Kansas usually receives it's most precipitation, in the form of rain. However in 2007, we did have a snow storm in the middle of April and temperatures got below freezing just for a couple of days. The month of May usually brings average temperatures up to the mid-50's.

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